‘Withdrawn from service in 1957’: Russian TV disparages Trump’s ‘Salute to America’

Even as some Americans expressed relief that an Independence Day event on the National Mall didn’t devolve into a partisan sideshow, Russian journalists for state-owned television network Rossiya 1 offered some cynical on-air takes.

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Some blasted the perceived condition of U.S. military equipment on display while others opined that the whole thing looked more like something their leader, Vladimir Putin, would organize.

“The paint on these vehicles is peeling off,” Olga Skabeyeva said. “There are no cannons and their optics have been glued on with adhesive tape.”

Co-host Yevgeny Popov mocked Trump for saying that “he would show us the newest tanks,” pointing out that “these are Abrams and Sherman tanks, used during World War II and withdrawn from service in 1957.”

Skabeyeva described it as “Putin’s America” in a tweet prior to the “Salute to America” celebration.

“Americans are allowed to hold a parade because theirs is democratic, but we are not allowed because ours is chauvinistic,” the host reportedly said during a broadcast this week.


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