‘You’re going to see a big spike’: Trump claims his speech will boost military recruitment

Following a much-hyped event to commemorate Independence Day, President Donald Trump touted its perceived impact in comments on Friday.

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“We had a phenomenal crowd last night, and it was a fantastic evening for our country,” he said of the military-themed “Salute to America.”

Trump went on to predict that it will lead to “a lot of people being recruited, I think, based on that.”

He continued to reiterate the same belief throughout his remarks.

“We’re going to have a lot of — a lot of people joining our military,” the president claimed. “And we really needed that.”

Trump suggested the strong economy made military service less appealing.

“And I think, really, you’re going to see a big spike,” he added. “I’ve already heard it. A lot of people calling in. No place like our military. I think we showed that last night.”


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