‘This is not going to go away’: GOP Rep. Chaffetz joins call for labor sec’s ouster

Amid news that well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein is facing new charges related to sex trafficking, one of the prosecutors who helped broker a sweetheart plea deal for him in 2008 is facing added scrutiny.

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In a segment of his Fox News program on Monday, host Steve Hilton called on Alexander Acosta to step down from his current position as secretary of the U.S. Labor Department.

“In my view, it really is time for him to go,” Hilton said.

He had previously shared a similar outlook late last year, declaring that Acosta owes “all of us an explanation and an apology” for his decision in connection with the case.

“Will we finally see some accountability from Alex Acosta?” Hilton asked during the broadcast this week.

Guest Jason Chaffetz, a Republican congressman representing Utah, was sympathetic to host’s position.

“When you continue to make yourself the issue and distract from the president’s agenda, you no longer need to be serving there, and this is not going to go away,” the lawmaker said. “This case is going to continue on.”

Chaffetz added that he would be “surprised” if Trump did not ensure Acosta’s ouster.


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