‘Look what you’ve gotten us into’: Watch child rebuke father for calling cops on black man

After a string of troubling reports involving individuals allegedly calling authorities to report blacks without cause, a recent incident caught on tape gives the continuing narrative a new perspective.

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In a video captured by software engineer Wesly Michel last week, a man can be seen asking him to contact the friend he’d just said he was waiting for in a San Francisco apartment building.

Reports indicate the unidentified man then pulled out his phone to report Michel, who is black, to police.

As the man’s son pleaded with him not to go forward with the call, Michel warned that he would “be the next person on TV” for such behavior.

“Dad don’t,” the son said. “Please go.”

The man can be heard apparently describing Michel as a “trespasser” as his son continues to cry.

“I don’t like this, daddy I don’t like this,” the child said.

He later expressed his frustration with his father’s decision.

“Told you,” the boy said. “Let’s go now. Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go.”


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