‘Hillary still ain’t in jail’: Republican challenger slams Sessions in new ad

As former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempts to reclaim a U.S. Senate seat representing Alabama, he faces a GOP foe in the party’s primary race.

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Bradley Byrne, a U.S. congressman, released a new campaign ad targeting Sessions with an apparent reference to a popular chant among fans of President Donald Trump.

Sessions served as the administration’s top law enforcement officer as Trump and his followers routinely shouted “Lock her up!” in reference to former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary still ain’t in jail,” the 30-second Byrne ad declared at one point.

The representative is currently polling third in the GOP primary behind Sessions and former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville.

Nevertheless, he made the case that he is the right choice for the state because he has a “97-percent pro-Trump voting record, fought impeachment, [is] pro-life, pro-gun, pro-wall and [he will] fight for Alabama.”

A primary race early next month will determine which Republican will take on incumbent U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat.

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