Trump tells Pence ‘not to be complimentary’ to ‘snake’ governor

As Washington’s governor battles the ongoing spread of coronavirus disease in his state, the president is piling on by instructing Vice President Mike Pence to be rude to the Democrat during a visit this week.

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Donald Trump put Pence in charge of the federal response to COVID-19 and Gov. Jay Inslee’s state has seen the majority of deaths caused by the serious virus.

“I told Mike not to be complimentary to the governor, because that governor is a snake,” Trump said in recent remarks.

The president further claimed that “if you’re nice to [Inslee] he will take advantage.”

Trump and Pence apparently have differing opinions of the governor, with the former claiming that “we have a lot of problems” with Inslee.

“So, Mike may be happy with him, but I’m not,” Trump complained.

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