‘Self-quarantined from society’: CNN’s Tapper blasts ‘idiot’ for racist attack on Asian reporter

While preparing for a live shot on Friday, CNN reporter Kyung Lah said a passerby directed an anti-Asian epithet at her.

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She told anchor Jake Tapper that such racist attacks have become more commonplace in the wake of a coronavirus outbreak that originated in China, adding that she hasn’t been the recipient of such a direct slur “since elementary school.”

Tapper said he was “so sorry” his colleague went through the situation, offering a reaction to the individual behind the verbal xenophobic harassment.

“I would just like to note that if you are stupid and racist enough to be holding random people of Asian descent responsible for a pandemic then you should be self-quarantined from society anyway,” he said. “So that’s what I have to say to that idiot.”

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