‘Dismissive, condescending’: Fox News host slams Mnuchin’s ‘dumb-ass tone’ on unemployment

Following a controversial take by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, critics on both sides of the aisle called out his remarks as tone deaf.

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Mnuchin claimed that the spike in unemployment claims amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is “not relevant,” going on to assert that “the president is protecting these people” through a multitrillion-dollar stimulus bill.

Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto was one of many in the media who found the comment objectionable.

“Mr. Secretary, they are relevant,” he said. “Those are 3.25 million Americans that don’t have jobs anymore.”

Though Mnuchin “might look at them as aberration,” Cavuto said the messaging was all wrong.

“Tone is everything,” the host added. “That’s a very dismissive, condescending, just a dumb-ass tone.”

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