NY Times defends veteran journalist after Trump calls her ‘third rate reporter’

In his response to a tweet by a staff member at right-wing news source The Daily Caller, Donald Trump disparaged veteran newswoman Maggie Haberman of The New York Times.

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Greg Price took exception to the fact that Haberman tweeted a partial quote in which the president expressed a desire for state leaders to be “appreciative” when seeking federal assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. Price called her a “hack” in his own tweet on the topic, prompting Trump’s response.

“She is a third rate reporter who has nothing going,” the impeached president tweeted. “A Fake News ‘journalist.'”

Haberman’s employer referenced the comment in a post defending her work.

“Maggie Haberman is a trusted journalist whose reporting has stood the test of time,” one Times tweet on the subject stated. “As President Trump’s campaign said today, Maggie is ‘one of the most powerful and respected political reporters in the country.'”

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