‘Mind-boggling’: Howard Stern blasts his ‘buddy Donald Trump’ for bragging about ratings

Amid widespread fear and uncertainty stemming from an accelerating coronavirus outbreak, Donald Trump has repeatedly taken the opportunity to reflect on the high television ratings of daily news briefings about the pandemic.

Longtime radio host Howard Stern was among the scores of public figures to criticize the president’s focus.

“It’s not your incredible reality TV show that you’re putting on for the country,” he said in reference to Trump. “It’s because we’re in crisis and we’re tuning in to see what the president has to say. We’re looking for leadership, motherf–kers.”

Stern went on to say that news conferences routinely attract large audiences because “people are scared s–tless” of the virus that has already killed thousands of Americans.

“Do I pull my hair out of my head when I see my buddy Donald Trump standing there talking about how can people not look at his ratings and his ratings are higher than ‘The Bachelor?'” Stern continued.

By Michael VadonOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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