Major changes at Scope News signal shift to local, state coverage

The editorial staff at Phoenix-based Scope News has spent the past three years reporting on politics and other news of national interest. According to the outlet’s founder and editor-in-chief, however, that focus is about to change.

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In recent comments, Chris Agee confirmed the site will soon begin publishing largely local content. Though the shift has been in the works since at least last year, he cited the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the impetus for accelerating that schedule.

“We have been preparing for a while, but the newsroom transition was initially planned to begin this summer,” Agee said. “After seeing the impact of COVID-19 on our community and finding so many stories that deserve to be shared, I knew it was time to move forward with our plan.”

New categories will allow readers to find local, state, national, and world news.

“Even those stories with a more global appeal might now be reported through the lens of how they impact the valley and our state,” Agee added.

Noting that local newspapers across the nation have seen significant budget cuts and layoffs in recent years, he said it has long been the plan for Scope News to help fill the void.

“Local newsrooms do incredible work across all types of media,” he said. “But they’re being asked to do increasingly more with increasingly less.”

Since his site has been able to thrive “on a shoestring budget and with a skeleton crew” since its 2017 inception, Agee said he is ready for the challenge.

If you have a news tip about Phoenix or any of its surrounding communities, submit it via the form below.

By MelikampOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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