‘Utter nonsense’: Health expert on Fox News calls hydroxychloroquine ‘quack cure’ for COVID-19

Though Donald Trump and some other public figures have heralded the anti-malaria treatment as a possible game changer in the fight against coronavirus, many in the medical community are urging caution when discussing hydroxychloroquine.

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One such expert appeared on Fox News Channel for a recent interview with host Dana Perino.

“That is nonsense, complete and utter nonsense,” said William Haseltine, chairman of Access Health International.

Describing the premature promotion of the drug as “sad,” he went on to say that it is nothing new in the face of a major health crisis.

“In any situation, there are always going to be people who promote one kind of quack cure or another,” Haseltine said. “And there are Lazarus effects. In every pandemic I’ve ever looked at, that is the case.”

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