Acting Navy secretary resigns after speech calling former commander ‘stupid’

Amid growing criticism of his remarks to the crew stationed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt regarding their recently ousted commander, Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has reportedly handed in his resignation.

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Shortly after Capt. Brett Crozier was relieved of duty based on a memo he wrote bringing attention to perceived lapses in the military’s response to a coronavirus outbreak on the ship, Modly made the controversial speech.

He reportedly asked if Crozier was “too naive or too stupid” to realize his comments would be leaked or if that was his intention all along.

The comments were met by audible indignation among some in attendance and continued to attract criticism as the news spread online.

“Let me be clear, I do not think Captain Brett Crozier is naive nor stupid,” Modly said in a subsequent statement. “I think, and always believed him to be the opposite. We pick our carrier commanding officers with great care. Captain Crozier is smart and passionate. I believe, precisely because he is not naive and stupid, that he sent his alarming email with the intention of getting it into the public domain in an effort to draw public attention to the situation on his ship. I apologize for any confusion this choice of words may have caused.”

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