‘Disgusted by them’: Stern says ‘the people Trump despises most’ are his own voters

In an address to Trump voters in his audience, veteran talk-radio host Howard Stern expressed his opinion that the president abhors the very Americans who elected him in 2016.

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“One thing Donald loves is celebrities,” Stern said during Tuesday’s broadcast. “He loves the famous. He loves it. He loves to be in the mix.”

On the other hand, Trump’s base largely represents individuals with whom he would never associate, the host said.

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most love him the most,” he added.

Referring to “people who are voting for Trump for the most part,” Stern said Trump would “be disgusted by them” outside of the political realm.

“Go to Mar-a-Lago,” he said. “See if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”

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