JAMES WILSON: Authentic science trumps scientism once again

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Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt teaches structural biology at Stanford University; he won the Prize for chemistry in 2013 for his work on “the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.” Pandemics like COVID-19 qualify as complex chemical systems. According to Levitt’s data, sweeping lockdowns are useless at best and dangerously counterproductive at worst. His is the third such study known to me. Reality is authentic science always trumps the hysteria and mythology of scientism – that alternative religion that worships not science but people who wear lab coats and demand respect because of their lab coats rather than that their information tests well. In the present emergency authentic science proves itself again.

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And why not, I ask as a Christian? Is not the God I serve the Author of nature, and the science that describes it? The Bible is not a science textbook, but when it speaks on scientific isues it has never been proven wrong … ever.

Examples abound: Until the 1840s the scientific establishment thought winds followed a wall front pattern while the Bible claimed the norm was cyclonic. Then we discovered the Bible was correct; the cyclonic pattern was how God cleansed the atmosphere so we could go on breathing. In the years leading into the so-called Enlightenment the acolytes of scientism convinced even the Church that the earth was flat; people were executed for questioning the contemporary orthodoxy, even though the Bible questioned it. When Galileo and Copernicus refused to be cowed the truth came out. In the 1940s the medical establishment assured us baby formula was superior to mother’s milk because it was “scientific” when the reality was some people made a lot of money and garnered a lot of respect for supposedly trumping nature. Eventually the winds of change blew through and most people returned to what God provided in the first place – and His Word commended all along.

This is not about the Bible being superior to science; quite the contrary. The Word of God and authentic science spring from the same wellspring. Following science wherever it leads is a Godly thing to do, and we have reaped unimaginable benefits from the pursuit. Following the mythology of scientism – that religion of elitists expecting obedience not because they speak demonstrable truth but because it is they who speak – has brought nothing but suffering, from the horrors of the Third Reich to the horrors of exposing soldiers to atomic radiation to see if it killed them to experimenting on black people with STDs – the Tuskegee Experiments – to see if they survived.

Now fast forward to the so-called science of wholesale lockdowns to battle COVID-19. According to Issues and Insights, Anthony Fauci got his original projections – and the models backing them – from the UK’s Professor Neil Ferguson. Ferguson predicted up to two hundred million deaths from Avian flu; the actual number was about two hundred. Ferguson foresaw fifty thousand human deaths from Mad Cow disease a few years back; the actual toll was, likewise about two hundred. His model – echoed by Fauci – for COVID-19 in the US and UK called for two million plus and half a million plus deaths respectively. Although Ferguson and Fauci have dramatically scaled back their projections, national lockdown orders – and the jailing and fining of those who defy them – are based on the earlier and thoroughly discredited figures. Former Education Secretary and Director of the Office of National Drug Policy William Bennett notes the dramatic rise in suicides, addiction relapses, and domestic and child abuse in the wake of lockdowns. When will we stop bowing to the acolytes of scientism and just stick with authentic science?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is shocked to find eighty-five per cent of new infections in New York were in people who stayed home (two thirds) or in nursing homes. Scientism says bunker down. Science demonstrates getting outside is healthy.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control inflates the actual death toll from COVID-19 by insisting all deaths accompanied by C-19 symptoms be so labeled, no testing required. This is the same agency that twice failed to build an accurate test for COVID-19. This is the agency working alongside a federal Public Health Service that predicted nearly half a million deaths from AIDS before 1994; the actual toll was seventeen thousand. This is the CDC that warns we should be careful about trusting treatments like hydroxychloroquine – with a fabulous track record sixty-five years long – because it believes only a vaccine that may never come will safely end shutdowns.

It is not my purpose to trash federal health agencies; they do a lot of fine work. Yet is my intention to expose the downright religious devotion to emperors who clearly have no clothes. Fauci and company are constantly exhorting us to follow the science. “Dr. Fauci, you should take your own advice. State governors who think yourselves the lonely saviors of your states, you too should try it.” By their fruits are they to be known, as the Bible says – the same book that trumps every pseudo scientific canard from the shape of the earth to baby food best practices.

The essence of Professor Levitt’s advice on preferring herd immunity over slow death from long-term isolation is this: We can protect the vulnerable and allow the healthy to live with low risk exposure coupled with common sense hygiene. Many will contract the disease without symptoms and develop the immunity that comes with recovery. Some will die. Isolation will result in roughly the same number of deaths but – unlike releasing society to function – those deaths will repeat-increase each time lockdown is released because so few will have immunity.

We can stand up and live or lay down and die…across the board. The one is risky, the other certain. One follows the science, the other…

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, or at praynorthstate@gmail.com

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