Minnesota gov apologizes after reporters are arrested during live broadcast

As three members of a CNN news crew were arrested while broadcasting live from the scene of ongoing Minneapolis protests, correspondent Omar Jimenez pleaded his case with officers.

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Identifying himself as a journalist, he told the police that the crew would gladly move to another location.


“We were just getting out of your way when you were advancing through the intersection,” Jimenez said as he was being handcuffed and led away.

Gov. Tim Walz later acknowledged he had instructed police to clear the area, taking full responsibility for what he said were inexcusable arrests.

“We have got to ensure that there is a safe spot for journalists to tell the story,” he said, asserting that there was “absolutely no reason” for the news crew to be detained.

Though the individuals were released from custody after officers confirmed their occupation, a white CNN correspondent said he experienced an altogether different interaction with police than Jimenez, who is black and Hispanic.

“I identified myself … they said, ‘OK, you’re permitted to be in the area,'” said Josh Campbell. “I was treated much differently than he was.”

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