Juan Williams urges voters not to become ‘numb to Trump’s abnormality’

Fox News Channel political analyst Juan Williams is sounding the alarm regarding recent behavior by Donald Trump that he finds especially distressing.


In a recent op-ed, he urged Americans not to become “numb to Trump’s abnormality.”

He went on to cite statements from the president in recent days, including his assertion that “if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins this year’s election, Biden will do away with the suburbs and windows.”

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Williams noted that the bar for scandal has been raised so high in the Trump era that the president gets a pass for behavior that would have derailed his predecessors’ administrations.

The op-ed detailed a number of scandals and apparent conflicts of interest, including the Trump administration’s decision to lift a ban on firearm silencers “as a result of strenuous lobbying by a former lawyer currently working in the Trump White House” and who “previously worked for a firearms group.”

Williams also noted the president’s controversial cabinet picks as well as the recent commutation of his longtime adviser and friend, Roger Stone.

“While that was taking place, [Attorney General William Barr] also looks to have been trying to help another of the president’s friends get out of legal trouble,” Williams wrote, citing Barr’s ultimately successful effort to oust U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. The federal prosecutor in Manhattan was reportedly investigating Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giulani.

The piece ended with another shot at Barr for ordering “federal troops to use chemical agents and smoke bombs against Americans protesting police brutality” all so “the president could create a photo-op.”

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