Fox News ‘apparently contacting veterans’ for ‘hit piece’ on CNN’s Tapper

Following the critically acclaimed release of “The Outpost,” a book-turned-movie telling the stories of U.S. service members, CNN anchor Jake Tapper accused Fox News staff of reaching out to some of those veterans in an apparent smear campaign targeting him.


In a tweet on Thursday, Tapper included a screenshot of messages between a “veteran friend” and a Fox News reporter asking if he had “any issue with Jake Tapper or ‘The Outpost'” and would be willing to discuss it on the record.

The veteran replied that he had “no disagreements” with Tapper, who was respectful of their “difference of opinion” on political and social issues.

Click here to watch it all right now!


He went on to ridicule the reporter’s strategy, which he described as trying to “challenge [Tapper] on something that is unrelated to his job at CNN.”

“Bless your heart,” the unidentified veteran concluded.

“Fox is apparently contacting veterans whose stories i told in The Outpost,” Tapper tweeted in response. “Apparently they’re working on a other hit piece.”

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