Mnuchin says unemployed Americans were ‘overpaid’ by relief bill

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was once again accused of being out of touch after his comments on the expiration of an additional weekly unemployment benefits.


The additional $600 per week was approved by Congress as part of a coronavirus relief bill, but the provision expired last week.

Despite calls to extend that provision, Mnuchin believes some of the unemployed have had it too good for too long.

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“Unemployment is supposed to be wage replacement, so it should be tied to some percentage of wages,” he said, going on to claim that the “fact that we had a flat number was only an issue of an emergency where we had 30-year-old computer systems.”

Mnuchin made the case for what he called “enhanced unemployment,” asserting that the administration wants “to fix the issue where in some cases people are overpaid, and we want to make sure there’s the right incentives.”

During his recent ABC News interview, he claimed that there are “certain cases where we’re paying people more to stay home than to work,” which has “created issues in the entire economy.”

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