Top Ohio Republican defends Goodyear after Trump’s call for boycott

Donald Trump attracted bipartisan backlash for his tweet on Wednesday encouraging Americans to boycott the U.S.-based tire company Goodyear.

Not only did Goodyear release a statement refuting the basis of the promoted boycott, many critics questioned the wisdom of an American president openly calling for economic damage to a domestic company — especially amid a period of economic uncertainty.

Trump hinged his drastic call on media reports stemming from one Kansas location in which employees were reportedly asked to refrain from wearing politically aligned attire — including Trump campaign hats.

Goodyear, which is based in Ohio, received instant support from officials in both parties statewide. Lt. Gov. Jon Husted was among those who urged voters to oppose Trump’s Twitter demand.

Calling it “a great Ohio company that employs a lot of Ohioans,” he tweeted that buying Goodyear tires is “good for Ohio.”

“And while you’re at it buy a set of tires from [Cooper Tires] which is another great Ohio company,” Husted added.

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