‘It’s just shocking’: Dean details decline of ‘neo-fascist’ GOP

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean recently confirmed that, since he has no intentions of running for office again, he is ready to call it like he sees it — particularly as it pertains to the Republican Party.

Dean, who sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2004, said that the GOP has fallen dramatically since then, reaching the point that he can no longer recognize his longtime partisan rivals.

“I hate to call Republicans right-wing fascists because often they supported me, but this is unrecognizable,” he asserted, adding that the party’s adherents “believe in autocracy, not democracy” and have become a “racist” organization.

Lamenting the “shocking” downfall of the party, Dean opined that a number of GOP lawmakers “are basically a sentient YouTube comment section” with “nothing to contribute” to the nation’s political discourse “except for incendiary and sometimes delusional public statements.”

He went on to describe Republicans as “crazy,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “whack jobs” who are “embedding their own reality” and cannot be trusted to ever control the levers of U.S. government again.

“You have a Republican Party, which emotionally, essentially, are neo-fascist,” he concluded. “They fundamentally do not believe that another legitimate point of view exists other than theirs.”

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