Kimmel slams ‘man-Karen’ Carlson for anti-mask tirade

Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson attracted widespread criticism for declaring mask use a form of child abuse that should be reported to police or child protective services.

Among his harshest critics was late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who unleashed on the far-right talking head during Tuesday night’s installment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“America’s favorite man-Karen is so concerned about children being forced to wear masks, he’s encouraging other like-minded individuals to get the authorities involved,” he said of Carlson’s latest on-air rant.

After airing a clip of the Fox News segment, Kimmel declared that Carlson is “very sensitive to the needs of children because he is one himself,” noting that he “said nothing after Sandy Hook but now wants you to call the cops and say: ‘There’s a kid with cotton on his face.'”

The only rationale Kimmel could come up with for such a bizarre diatribe is that Carlson is actually a “top-secret Sacha Baron Cohen character.”

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