‘It gives everybody asthma’: Host slams Biden for picking flower

Far-right media outlets have attempted to lambaste President Joe Biden in a variety of ways, but one Newsmax TV host has taken up a bizarre offense.

As he walked with first lady Jill Biden walked to Marine One recently, the president stopped to pick a dandelion, which he then gave to his wife.

The innocuous act struck Grant Stinchfield as somehow sinister.

“All right folks, take a look at this,” he instructed his audience. “Joe Biden, getting on Marine One, and he stops and picks up — I think it’s a dandelion? But it’s a dandelion that hasn’t even blossomed into a flower yet, like it gives everybody asthma. So you blow it, it goes everywhere, and then everybody starts sneezing. He picks up the weed and gives it to Jill in what I guess is supposed to be some kind of a sweet gesture.”

His conspiratorial theories continued as he told viewers: “I say it was a planted dandelion there. Who knows?”

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