DirecTV announces major blow to Russian television network

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to face a harsh international backlash over his recent invasion of neighboring Ukraine.


In addition to economic sanctions and bans on Russian exports, Putin is also finding it harder to spread his propaganda outside of his nation’s borders.

DirecTV confirmed in a statement this week that it would no longer provide RT America as part of its broadcast packages.

The network is closely associated with Putin and the Russian government and has frequently amplified the talking points coming out of the Kremlin.

As a DirecTV spokesperson explained: “In line with our previous agreement with RT America, we are accelerating this year’s contract expiration timeline and will no longer offer their programming effective immediately.”

The decision means that, as of this writing, DISH Network is the only major provider still carrying the Russian station in the U.S.

Official RT accounts on major social media platforms — including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok — have been blocked across Europe.

For its part, DISH has not confirmed whether it will also drop RT America, though a spokesperson confirmed that it is “closely monitoring the situation” and reiterated its support for the Ukrainian people.

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