6 Best Travel Backpacks For 2022

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Whether you’re planning an overnight trip or a lengthy getaway, there’s probably a good reason to choose one of the best travel backpacks to take along with you. This purchase will give you a convenient and compact way to pack as much stuff as possible — and it might even allow you to leave that bulky suitcase at home.

What Are The Best Travel Backpacks?

There are a number of high-quality products currently on the market that might fit the bill, but we’ve selected a field of top contenders to help you find the perfect backpack for your travel needs.

Whether you are looking for something small for just a few necessities or a much larger option with plenty of storage pockets, the right option is sure to be somewhere on our list.

Our Picks For The Best Travel Backpacks

Best Overall: Yorepek Extra Large Travel Backpack

Best Quality: Lannsyne Vintage Full Grain Leather Backpack

Best Portability: Bange Travel Backpack

Best Value: Supacool Lightweight Backpack

Best Design: Bolang Laptop Backpack

Best Accessories: Coowoz Large Travel Backpack

You might be packing electronics, toiletries, books, clothes, or practically anything else you need for a trip. Therefore, it’s important to find the best travel backpack to provide versatility and reliability. Even if you’re not sure that you need something like this before your next excursion, keep reading to see if you could benefit.

Why You Need A Travel Backpack

There are many functions that the right backpack can serve to make your vacation or business trip much less stressful. These products can act as a carry-on bag when boarding an airplane. Many of the latest models provide charging capabilities, extra security features, and many other helpful features.

Even if you haven’t used a backpack since high school, it’s worth considering whether buying one for travel purposes might fill a gap left by the rest of your luggage.

Best Travel Backpacks: Our Top 6 Contenders

We considered a few overarching details when compiling our list of top picks. Although each one brings something unique to the table, you can be sure that they all posess the style, durability, and value that you’ll need when planning any trip.

1. Best Overall: Yorepek Extra Large Travel Backpack

Large capacity
Easy to organize

Won’t fit large laptops
Plastic handle

Choosing a product from our list of the best travel backpacks should involve selecting one that offers versatility and durability. Find both of these attributes in this intriguing option.

Although it might not accommodate the largest laptop computers, it offers plenty of space for essentials such as toiletries, electronics, chargers, and other items you’ll need to retrieve soon after arriving at your destination.

This backpack appears to be made of high-quality materials and is built to last, although some reviews indicate that the plastic handle might crack after extensive use. Nevertheless, this is a well-rounded item that deserves your consideration.

2. Best Quality: Lannsyne Vintage Full Grain Leather Backpack

Rich, supple leather
Breathable mesh
Convenient compartments

Small water pouch
Material might bleed

Some travel backpacks have a more eye-catching and stylish design than others. This might be the most stunning product on our list.

Start with the soft leather and combine a useful mesh backing that allows plenty of comfortable air flow, which combines to create a stunning and comfortable item.

Although it includes several compartments for easy organization, some users say the water bottle pouch is too small for many containers. Be careful not to get the material wet or the leather might bleed onto other surfaces. Other than those possible limitations, this is a spacious and versatile backback that’s sure to turn a few heads.

3. Best Portability: Bange Travel Backpack

Huge storage capacity
Sturdy construction
Compact design

No bottle holder
Limited carrying option

It might not be as objectively beautiful as some travel backpacks, but this is one highly capable product that will serve you well in just about any setting.

Take comfort in the expert stitching and high-quality materials. Even though it has a cavernous main storage compartment, its overall dimensions make it ideal as a carry-on bag.

Although it doesn’t include fully adjustable compression straps and lacks a dedicated water bottle carrier, it offers convenient storage options and is a great choice for everything from an overnight getaway to a summer abroad.

4. Best Value: Supacool Lightweight Backpack

Simple design
USB charging port

Limited storage
Flimsy zipper

You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to find the best travel backpack for your situation. In fact, this one offers some great features for an extremely low price.

It includes accessories such as a USB charging port, which makes it an ideal bag for any active lifestyle. Although it doesn’t have as many convenient storage options as some more expensive options, there’s plenty of room for a variety of personal items.

Bring it with you on a hike or during a relaxing excursion. Aside from a zipper that some owners said didn’t hold up under frequent use, this is a well-made item that packs plenty of bang for the buck.

5. Best Design: Bolang Laptop Backpack

Water resistant
USB and headphone ports
Anti-theft pocket

Limited padding
Less durable than some rivals

When it comes to integrating the latest technology into a traditional backpack design, this product really sets a high bar.

It’s got an innovative anti-theft feature as well as dedicated ports for your USB charger and headphones.

Some reviews indicated that the material isn’t as durable as other items and it doesn’t have the highest level of protective padding. Nevertheless, it’s a water-resistant backpack that can keep your stuff safe and secure in various environments.

6. Best Accessories: Coowoz Large Travel Backpack

Rugged design
Easy to clean
Useful shoe compartment

Small bottle holder
Fabric might stain

We’ll end our list of the best travel backpacks with an option that combines almost all conceivable conveniences into one world-class design.

It’s got sturdy sides to keep your contents safe. There are security and functionality features built in and the materials used are easy to spot clean if needed. You’ll probably be surprised by the range of compartments, including the particularly clever shoe compartment.

While it’s cleverly designed, one possible downside is a bottle holder that some users said was too small for certain containers. In broad terms, however, this is one backpack that is ready to serve a wide range of travel needs.

What Do The Best Travel Backpacks Have In Common?

While the range of products in this sector can run the gamut from inexpensive workhorse to state-of-the-art luxury, all of the top picks share a few common features. Look for something that provides plenty of value, durability, and functionality to find a backpack that will serve you well for years to come.

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