Parking Now Prohibited Along Stretch Of Broad Street

During Wednesday’s meeting, the Kernersville Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance to prohibit parking on both sides of Broad Street between East Mountain Street and Harmon Lane. 

Town Manager Curtis Swisher explained that concerns about visibility and traffic congestion have increased over the past several months. He noted that the town has received requests from two or three residents in the area, including at least one property owner.

“It’s not necessarily the residents, but sometimes visitors,” he said. “They stay overnight or whatever; they park out in the street, and it does become crowded especially on both sides of the street there.”

In response to one question from the board, Swisher confirmed that “all of the houses on that street, in particular that stretch there, all of them have off-street parking available.” 

According to the town manager, the issue is especially acute closer to Mountain Street where egress from an office complex parking lot can be difficult.

“When they pull out, they can’t see coming both ways and they’ll pull out into Broad Street whether they’re going right or left and then they pull out into oncoming traffic,” Swisher said.

Alderman Joe L. Pinnix Jr. moved to approve the amendment and J.R. Gorham seconded the motion. The ordinance went on to pass with the unanimous support of the board.


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