Kernersville YMCA Prepares For Annual ‘Day Of Giving’

Fresh off its 50th-anniversary bash, the Kernersville Family YMCA is gearing up for an annual “Day of Giving” campaign that will take place on Monday.

As Executive Director Chris Booth told Scope News, there will be several fun and informative events planned for the daylong affair, which he described as an “opportunity to our members and program participants to join us in our campaign.”

He stressed that the YMCA is a nonprofit entity that provides much more than a place for locals to take a swim and work out. 

“We do a lot of philanthropic work in the community, but we also do some things here to provide scholarships, financial assistance so all people can have the ability to participate in our programs and membership,” Booth said. 

Although someone will be available to provide information as early as 5 a.m., he said most of the activities will take place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

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Booth clarified exactly what the annual campaign’s focus is, explaining: “We try to make sure people understand that there is a difference between their membership dues and what they give to the campaign because our membership dues pay for salaries and for utilities and all the operational costs and 100% of what we raise [on Monday] goes back into the communities and/or helps with scholarships and financial aid.” 

Those who are unable to make it to the event in person click here to donate online.

In addition to raising money for its various local commitments, the YMCA will provide a number of other activities — including a “dream board” that will allow visitors to provide insight into how they would like to see the organization evolve and grow in the future. 

Personnel from the Kernersville Fire Department will be on hand around lunchtime for a free CPR training course that Booth said would last about 30 minutes and provide basic tips for anyone “looking to gain some extra confidence in knowing what to do in a life-threatening situation.”

The YMCA will also use the event to help fill some job vacancies and Crazy Dog food truck, which Booth said has become a “strong partner,” will be set up to serve lunch.

He noted that there is “a tremendous amount of need out there in the community,” but expressed gratitude for the generosity of locals who continue to support the YMCA’s mission.

“I want people to know when they make a contribution to these programs, 100% of what they donate goes right back to those who are most at need,” Booth concluded, adding that the organization “would love for everyone to consider a gift this year and we’re very grateful to those who make that choice to partner with us.”

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